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Looking back across the years of my life, I know it is not by accident that I now help women hurting from the pain marital infidelity brings. This is the path that brought me here....

Each of us has a story to tell; a story made up of all the big and little things that have happened to us in life. As we grow up and move into adulthood, we all endure the inevitable emotional wounding that comes with life on planet Earth.

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Katherine is a woman, just like you, who experienced a very similar journey. Her husband’s addiction to pornography and masturbation was a huge part of their marriage of more than thirty years. Complicating things further, after 15 years his sexual addiction secretly spiralled out of control into eight years of affairs, internet sex chats, phone sex, homosexuality, ultimately leading to the illegal downloading of child pornography and his arrest.

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Coach KristieI married my high school sweetheart just before turning 21, filled with hopes and dreams of a future together that would never end. We were going to have 2 kids, a dog, live in a house with a white picket fence and grow old together. But that is not how my story ended.

After being married for almost five years we had the two kids and the dog, but my husband was not overly happy about any of these. He wanted his freedom to live his life without responsibility weighing him down.

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Jodi’s passion for helping women heal the pain of their partner’s sexual addiction began when she discovered her husband’s use of porn and grappled with his accompanying sexual and emotional anorexia and the searing pain it produced in her life. Her quest to find a way to rekindle the joy in her marriage led her to AWHJ in 2009.  

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I grew up on a farm in Africa. For various reasons, my family of origin could not provide me with the support I needed to develop as an emotionally, spiritually and physically healthy child. In order to survive growing up in an emotionally dishonest, shame-based and controlling family, I formed a bond with my pets, dolls and indigenous play mates. The only two emotions I often experienced in my family were rage and sadness, and the only emotion I can remember feeling was fear.

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