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I Am A Promise: Revisiting Your Past to Write a Different Future

This is a level 2 group that helps you build on the foundation of healing you laid in Journey to Healing & Joy or a similar group. (Journey to Healing & Joy or a similar group is a prerequisite.)

From my own experience and walking with many others over the years, I've learned we all experience trauma as we grow up and live on planet Earth. And those emotional bumps and bruises shape us, often leaving us with "baggage" we carry into later chapters of our lives. We can set ourselves free, but freedom requires we do the hard work of revisiting our stories with guided help to identify our wounds, identify how they shaped us, and replace negative coping behaviors with new, healthy ones. This group provides a safe place to do that work.

During our time together you will come to understand your childhood and or adult trauma and do what I think of as  "the unfinished business of growing up." So if you still have things you need to work through and a desire to grow in the stuck places of your life, this group is for you. You are a promise--"A great big bundle of potentiality," and being "stuck" can block your ability to know and use your gifts and talents, leaving enormous potential unknown, untapped, and underdeveloped. Help yourself become all you were born to be as you participate and work through your past with us! This group is for Christians and non-Christians alike.

This group meets every week for 1½ hours for 12 weeks. Price is $45 a week for 12 weeks = $540.00. NOTE: ALL TIMES ARE DISPLAYED IN NEW YORK TIME ZONE.

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