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Starting Over: When Marriage Ends

This is a level-2 group that helps you build on the foundation of healing you laid in Journey to Healing and Joy. (The "Journey to Healing and Joy" group is a prerequisite.)

From my own experience, I have learned so much about what it takes to face separation and divorce. It is painful, with feelings of betrayal and rejection, deep grief, and fear. It is a time of turmoil and uncertainty. But I also learned that God uses this most difficult times of our lives to teach us the most important lessons. God did a lot of work on me, loving me through the process while my faith in Him grew. Hope and healing are possible, but it takes time. Lots of time. This facilitated group will give you the direction, information, time, and discernment necessary to travel the path to separation and divorce along with a community of trusted companions to travel with you.

The workbook, which you will need to purchase for the group — A Fresh Start by Bob Burns — is filled with hard-hitting, interactive material, but allows you to personalize the concepts for your own, unique journey. This 12-week facilitated healing together support group will focus on:

Part #1: Coming Unglued
Week 1 - Introduction. Week 2 - Facing the 5 stages of divorce recovery. Can your marriage be saved? Week 3 - The separation/reconciliation struggle. Week 4 - Looking at the biblical view of divorce and remarriage. Week 5 - Dealing with legal issues. Avoiding common mistakes.

Part #2: Picking Up the Pieces
Week 6 - Reentry into the single life: how to do this safely and wisely. Week 7 - Dealing with finances: demystifying, setting up, and controlling your new budget. Week 8 - Communication and conflict. Different levels of communication. How to resolve conflict in positive ways that require communication skills. Week 9 - Everything you wanted to know about sexuality as a single person. Week 10 - Working through bitterness and learning to forgive.

Part #3: Other Issues
Week 11 - Helping your children through the divorce. Week 12 - The importance of continuing support.

As a part of this healing group, you won't have to go through this alone. We need each other and, together, we will be a community of trusted travelers who support each other as we walk this difficult path. Please join me on this healing journey.

To check out The Fresh Start, Divorce Recovery Workbook, click here.
Telephone Meetings (Conference Call) ; once per week for 12 weeks for 1½ hours each week.

For women who are separated or just divorced ; facilitated by Coach Katherine.
Cost: $540, which can be paid in monthly installments of $180 over three-months time.


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