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online community for wives and partners of sex addicts

You are not alone.

Welcome to our affordable online community, a place where you can connect with other women who will embrace you with respect, compassion, and an open heart because we have all been where you are right now. All of us are or have been in a serious relationship with a sex addict. A Circle of Sisters is a place where you can freely ask questions, tell your story, and share what's in your heart in complete safety knowing it will only be read by other women on this journey.

A Circle of Sisters is a place where you can breathe. We know your world has been turned into a chaotic maelstrom of emotions, decisions, questions, and uncertainty. A Circle of Sisters is here as a source of stability; a way to get your feet on firmer ground and on your path toward healing.

Inside A Circle of Sisters, you can talk freely about any issues you are facing without fear. Even the really scary stuff that comes when you discover your husband or partner is a sex addict. We have special areas of the community where you can discuss sexual diseases, finances, staying or leaving, and personal safety. We even have places to discuss same-sex attraction, molestation, and the problems that you face if your husband has been incarcerated. No matter how bad it is, here in A Circle of Sisters you can find someone who has been there before you and will help guide you out without shame or judgment.

We've created this safe sanctuary for two reasons:

  • Because we've been where you now find yourself, and we know first hand how alone you feel when you have no idea where to turn or who to talk to.
  • And because it is our dream to create a safe circle of sisters suffering this heartache, a circle so big it stretches around our world so every woman everywhere can find comfort, connection, and support when she needs it, any time of the day or night.

You are safe here.

A Circle of Sisters can only be accessed by signed in Online Community Members with a current subscription. Use this special place confident that what you share can only be seen by other community members. We hold sacred your need for safety and privacy and work hard to maintain it. Please let us know if you ever suspect a community violation so we can act swiftly. And you can relax knowing we never share our data base with anyone.

A Circle of Sisters is Affordable.

While we post all of our articles, audio/video resources, and therapeutic resources on our website for free, we do charge for membership in A Circle of Sisters in order to offset the costs of maintaining the community. But we do our best to keep the price low so every woman can afford this invaluable link to a world of sisters you never knew you had. Subscriptions start at just $7.95 per month. It is one more way we can say, “You're no longer alone.”

Our Gift to You:

Every woman who registers with our website automatically receives a free, introductory month, regardless of the length of subscription you choose. Better still, every woman who joins one of our telephone support groups receives a free membership for the duration of that support group, generally 12 weeks. This enables you and the other group participants to, without additional cost, share photos, victories, heartaches, prayer requests, and anything else you want to share knowing that only you and the other three group members and your group facilitator will ever see what you post. And best of all, when your telephone support group comes to an end, for a small monthly fee, all four of you can remain connected long after your telephone support group has ended. That way you never have to lose track of the very special sisters with whom you share your journey to healing and joy!

Money-Back Guarantee

If you decide at any time during your free introductory month that A Circle of Sisters is not the place for you, you only need to cancel your subscription and you will never be charged for your membership.

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