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We are a community of women whose lives have been impacted by our partners' sexual addiction.
Each of us cares deeply about the heartache and confusion you feel
and wants to provide encouragement, hope, and support.
We offer a variety of ways to connect.
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About Our Ministry

About Our Ministry

Journey to Healing and Joy is a ministry for wives of sex addicts. Here you will not automatically be labeled codependent. Rather, based on recent research, we believe most partners of sex addicts are suffering from trauma, and that many of their symptoms will ease as their trauma is addressed.

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Free Phone Call

Free 60 Minute Call

Would you like to share your story with someone who gets it? Click below to take advantage of our offer of a FREE, ONE TIME, ONE-ON-ONE sixty minute telephone call with one of our coaches.

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Individual Coaching

One-on-One Coaching

You can meet our coaches and find information about our one-on-one coaching under the "Talk With Someone" menu above or by clicking below.

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Support Groups

Support Groups

You can find information about our telephone support groups by clicking the "Support Groups" menu above or by clicking below.

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Facebook Groups

A Circle of Joy has launched 2 new Facebook community groups as an additional resource of a safe space & support for our readers. Both of these groups are female only groups & will be monitored to protect the privacy of our members as much as possible.
1) “Your Sexually Addicted Spouse - Partners Group”
This is a "closed" privacy level group open to female partners (or ex-partners) of men struggling with sexual addiction. This group is welcome to be shared with any female partner, whether associated with ACOJ or not. Please note that this group has a list of 3 questions with answers required for member request acceptance.
2) "A Circle of Sisters (Private) Community"
This is a "secret" privacy level group open only to those who have participated in Journey to Healing and Joy Phone Support Group. This group is unsearchable & can only be accessed by invitation. If you would like access to this group please private message A Circle of Joy Facebook page & let us know who your group coach was/is when you participated. Only members of the group may see who is in the group & see posted content.

A Circle of Joy Facebook Page

For more info on Facebook group privacy levels, go here:

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you engage, connect, & support one another on this journey

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