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Kids are naturally curious. It’s a beautiful thing, really. My daughter just turned 3 & has fully entered the “Why?” stage. If you’ve ever had or been around kids this age for any length of time, you may remember how sometimes that curiosity can drive even the most patient person nuts some days! Even in the crazy three million, six hundred sixty-five thousand, three hundred twenty-seven “Why?”s in the first few waking hours of the morning, before you’ve even had a chance to finish that now cold cup of coffee, & your eyes begin bulging out of your head, & your head might even begin this little crazy twitch thing to the side from trying to keep up with all the words & questions coming out of this tiny little being that only a few short years prior was silently gurgling away in the womb *breath*….yes, even then, their curiosity is truly a beautiful thing.

If you know me, it doesn’t take long to find out I. Love. Kids. I love seeing the world through their eyes. I love teaching them & getting to see the lightbulb click over their head, their eyes go wide & their mouths drop open at the wonders they take in. And truly, there are wonders to be discovered! So many little things our adult minds can overlook or take for granted…to a child, they are a gem & a treasure. Unfortunately, not all the world is structured to honor a growing child’s natural curiosity.

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Does your child have access to a computer? Cell phone? Tablet? Video game system? Or other device that connects them to the internet? Do they have friends & family that do? (Spoiler alert: If you’re reading this, the answer is “yes.”) Just like many things in life, the internet comes with a plethora of good as well as bad. It allows us to connect with friends & family in ways we never could before, cutting through hundreds or thousands of miles & oceans between us. It contains a wealth of information at our fingertips & gives many a place to speak their mind in ways they would have not felt freedom to, otherwise. That’s not even scratching the surface, but I think you get the picture. If you’re like me, you desire your children to get all the good out of technology, while leaving as much of the bad behind as possible. While it is not feasible (or healthy) to forever keep our children in a secluded & perfectly safe bubble, rest assured there is more we can do than throw them to the wolves, cross our fingers, & hope for the best.

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Media lives by age. a snapshot

If you’re like many parents, at least at some point in your parenting, you may have found yourself crossing your fingers thinking, “How long can I put off having THE SEX TALK?” For some, the mere thought sends immediate sweat beads to glisten your foreheads. You may think, “But I want to keep them innocent! And young!” If this is you, welcome to the crowd. You’re in good company. However, that doesn’t negate us from the reality check we all need to come to grips with. If you need to, sit down, find a paper bag to breath into, I’ll give you a minute…because reality is, the world is racing to beat you to it. That’s right, the world would LOVE to teach, train, & equip your kids in ALL things sex. Rather than, “How long can I put off having THE TALK?”, perhaps the question we should be asking ourselves is, “How much do I trust society to teach, train, & equip my child’s sexuality?” In a world that not only capitalizes on, but also glamourizes sex scandals, pornography, & a plethora of other sexually promiscuous behaviors, can I tell you right now that, let unchecked, our children are NOT in good hands?

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Kids Safety (Week 1 of 6)

A single mom, doing all she can to provide for, educate, & protect her little ones, has a six-year-old son with his own cell phone. Not her decision. Not her preference. But so goes life at this stage for many split family households. At least the parents agree to put strict parental controls on the phone. No browsing the internet. No downloading unauthorized apps. Time restrictions. No giving out phone numbers to anyone mom or dad doesn’t approve. At this point, one may feel they deserve a good pat on the back. Perhaps a, “Great job protecting your kid!” Or possibly even a, “Way to go being a responsible parent! You earn five gold stars!” Heh. Wouldn’t that be nice? The sad truth is anyone who’s mildly tech savvy will tell you that none of those are a guarantee of safety. 

Any feelings of safety came crashing down the night this mom stumbled upon this text message on her sweet, innocent six-year-old’s phone:

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Do You Know of A Church Providing Help for Sexual Addiction? If So, We Want to Hear About It!

In the age of Me Too, political sexual scandals, and society questioning what's appropriate and what isn't, what is the Church at large doing to help people deal with their own struggles, questions, and heartbreak around sexuality? A social door has opened; will the Church walk through it into the reality all around us and in it's pews? Or will most churches once again fail to be "real?"

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