Journey to Healing and Joy

Thank You, Dad

I have this burning passion to help ministers and others see through my lens when they encounter sex addicts and their partners. Most of them still sit in judgement, and can only see the broken and hurting as “living in sin.” But I want them to see through my lens—because my lens formed out of the love and grace God gave me—and all of us, if we will just turn to him with our failures.

Because of my dear father, I know what I’m looking for. Please listen as I tell you a true story.

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Jen And Alex Lesko's Story

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Jen Lesko and her husband, Alex, have an amazing story about what God and steadfast support from others can do to redeem lives and a marriage shattered by sex addiction. I met Jen when she was a member of one of my Journey to Healing & Joy support groups, and her story warms my heart every time I read it. All of us whose lives and marriages are shattered by sex addiction long for the treasure Jen and Alex have found. Though we don't all get what they have, God's love and faithfulness is available to all, and He offers each of us a new beginning, whether that's with our husband or a new life. I hope that you, like me, will feel renewed hope as you read Jen's story, as shared in her church's newsletter, Watermark News.

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Of all the tools we use to help us heal from betrayal trauma, Intentional Joy is the winner. How I wish I could send you an audio file of one of my groups yesterday, which of course I would never do. But if I could, you would fully understand how much “magic” this tool can bring to our shattered hearts and dreams. And I know that you, like me, would delight in hearing women “get” the power and life-changing potential Intentional Joy brings to our lives. And the best part? It leads us straight to our buried treasure! One of those group members wants to help you “hear” what I heard. This is Ellen’s story, and if you listen carefully, near the end, you can hear her striking gold:

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The Tool of Attitude









At the risk of appearing to take your heart-ripping pain lightly, I want to share two tools that helped me in my own healing journey, and continue to inspire me every day. I hope you can trust that I’m not being glib in sharing them, but rather I don’t want to omit a tool that has the power to help you as much as it helped me. So please hear my heart as you read the following.

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Tripple Aces

If you are near the beginning of this journey, my heart really goes out to you. I clearly remember how lost in sorrow—and in life--I felt back then. I remember being disappointed when I woke up each morning for several weeks. My hope had been that I could die while I slept! That’s pretty bad considering I was earning my living by helping other women find healing, until my own life imploded.

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