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If domestic violence were a wheel, the hub in the middle would be labeled Power & Control. Learning to listen for power and control issues, whether they are in your marriage or that of another woman or child, will help you gain the sensitivity necessary to identify women who are living with a man who is controlling, and possibly unsafe. This is an important topic for partners of sex addicts, because quite often, we have to be brave and strong, confront sexual betrayal, and ask for change, which can produce anger. And anger, in the hands of someone with power and control issues, can be a dangerous thing.

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The search for relief from anxiety and other issues stemming from betrayal trauma is causing some women to look to CDB oil for a solution. But did you know you have your very own “endocannabinoid system” inside your body, and it doesn’t require paying big bucks for CBD oil to use it to your favor? A recent study reveals scientific evidence that some common, easy-to-do activities activate that system and can be used proactively to counter anxiety and other disorders' impact on your body.

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If you haven’t bumped into him yet, I want to introduce you to world-renowned psychiatrist and neurologist, Dr. Daniel Amen. You can find him on PBS, Ted Talks, YouTube, and elsewhere, simply by “Googling” him.

I first found Dr. Amen in the early 2000’s.

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Triggers And Boundaries

Triggers and Boundaries

Triggers. We all know how they can throw us into a panic in seconds, and leave us spinning, even when we thought we were beyond such cycles. Like a wind out of nowhere, they rock our world. And they often result in relational conflict, because our partners don’t “get” why we are so edgy, reactionary, and fragile. But if both parties in the couple are on a recovery path, and trying to save their marriage, boundaries can make a huge difference. The right kind of “boundaries,” that is. And I have a great example for you of the kinds of boundaries I’m talking about.

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Healthy Boundaries

In our MOM ON STRIKE! and 4 Myths About Boundaries newsletter, we saw how Christy put boundaries to the test with her two boys, complete with comic relief and real life, parental bravery. Christy also hit on 4 common myths about boundaries. Boundaries are not rules we place on others, nor are they controlling, punishing, or necessarily unforgiving. Boundaries protect the good, while keeping out the unacceptable. With that said, Christy has graciously allowed us to share the boundary agreement she and her husband, Dan, made in 2008.

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