The Gift We Give Ourselves

Forgiveness Film

As we approach another holiday season, and our minds turn toward shopping for gifts to give to those
we love, one woman’s story reminds me there’s one gift we can only give to ourselves.

When we’re ready.
And that’s the gift of forgiveness.
Whether you are stuck in your effort to find that internal place of rest, or forgiveness has already set
you free, I invite you to watch Erin Dooley’s compelling 500 mile walk in her search for that gift. Watch
as she moves from the sting of betrayal and heartbreak, to a place of forgiveness and peace. Hopefully,
none of us will need to walk 500 miles to find our own, but it was clearly life-changing for Erin, so it just
might be worth the walk! (Included with Prime Video)

To heal from her divorce, a Catholic woman walks a 500-mile pilgrimage across
northern Spain, the Camino de Santiago. Along the way, she discusses forgiveness
with fellow pilgrims. This vulnerable and emotional documentary takes a raw,
honest look at the struggle to forgive.

 The Camino de Santiago, also known as Way of St. James, is
a pilgrimage route to the shrine of the apostle St. James the
Great in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in
northwestern Spain. Tradition has it that the remains of the
saint are buried in Santiago. Pilgrims have traveled this path
since the 800s. There are many ways to Santiago, the most
popular one being the Camino Francés (or French route),
which is the one Erin walked.

The film is produced by D.A.S.H. Entertainment.

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