A Shout-Out to Women from an Adult Son

Some of our readers know that I am walking with my mother, who is about to turn 90, through the painful and difficult valley of dementia. There are times I share a tiny bit with my groups so that the emotion I am carrying these days won’t get in the way of group process. I’ve learned emotion shared in a healthy way with “safe” people” is a good way to then “put it away for now.” It’s a form of detaching.

But when I’m alone and do allow myself to continue working through the pain of this long goodbye with my mama, I’ve utilized the power of a 52-segment youtube video series titled, “Joe Joe.” Recorded by an adult son, it’s been his way of sharing his journey through his own mother’s dementia, as he walks with her through it.  A recent segment shared that her life—and death—had forced him to say that final goodbye.

So when a new segment came a few days ago, I was curious to hear and see what he had to share, now that his mother is gone. And I was deeply touched as I listened to him do a big shout-out for single moms, based on his own growing up experience. Knowing that many of you are now single moms, and some of you who are still married are questioning your ability to manage a family without a man, I felt compelled to share this short segment with you.

Married, divorced, abandoned, single, or widowed, each of us needs reminders that we are enough. That we don’t have to have a man in our lives to survive or be happy. While a great husband brings enormous value and joy to our lives, love doesn’t always work that way, as many of you already know. 

So if you need encouragement, take it from a man: You are enough!

*There is one word we wouldn’t normally include while communicating with you, but if you can “bleep” it out for yourself, there is a lot of encouragement for us as women in this short video.