Do You Know of A Church Providing Help for Sexual Addiction?

Do You Know of A Church Providing Help for Sexual Addiction? If So, We Want to Hear About It!

In the age of Me Too, political sexual scandals, and society questioning what's appropriate and what isn't, what is the Church at large doing to help people deal with their own struggles, questions, and heartbreak around sexuality? A social door has opened; will the Church walk through it into the reality all around us and in it's pews? Or will most churches once again fail to be "real?"

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Churches everywhere are recognizing the problems that porn & sexual addiction issues are bringing into homes & communities in epidemic proportions. Thankfully, not everyone is taking this epidemic sitting down.

Mosaic Church of Ocean Springs, Mississippi is just one of many taking active measures to combat these issues & more. At Mosaic's Easter service, where thousands on the Gulf Coast attended, Brandon Conner, senior pastor of Mosaic, announced that the following week would begin a series on sex, where they tackle what the Bible has to say about it and how we can apply its principles to our lives.

"There’s no real reason why we are teaching on this, other than we are a church that believes in expository preaching. So, if it says it in the Bible, we will say it from the stage. We don’t shy away from the ugly truth, but we also won’t go out of our way to call out something that isn't in the text. We are currently in 1 Corinthians, and Paul is very specific in his letters to the Corinthians, so in order to give full respect to the text, so must we," says Communications & Media director, Leslie Ferrer.

In addition to regular weekend services, this Sunday evening Mosaic is showcasing the movie, The Heart of Man. This film follows a man’s journey as he struggles with lust & shame and combines the artistic account with real life testimonies of those who have fought & overcome sexual addictions. This showing of the film is a one-night event, in the hopes that that it will lead some people to long term help.

Mosaic offers weekly recovery meetings for a variety of things, whether it be addictions, divorce, or other hurts. One of these groups deals specifically with sexual sin, and all in attendance for this event will be invited to get involved. Ferrer shares, "It’s a great opportunity for them to get in a group immediately to start getting the help they need, or start giving help to those that need it."

The film will play in their main sanctuary and is open to all church members as well as the community. "Our main goal at Mosaic is to always try to reach outside these walls. So yes, we would love the community to be involved!" states Ferrer. They are recommending their viewing audience to be eighteen and older.

What a great example of a church stepping out as a spiritual hospital in their community! If you or your church would like to get involved in a church or community effort like this, be sure to check out The Heart of Man’s resource page here.

~ Brittany

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