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My first polygraph was life changing. My second was routine.

There had been a disclosure...another trauma, another set of lies acting like a fault line upon which the intervening good memories were shaken into rubble, another violation of trust, another time when our marriage hung in the balance. My wife declared that she was getting a divorce, and had been completely serious, taking the step of having my sister inform my aged parents. She had ejected me from the bedroom, and made her plans.

Healthy Boundaries

In our MOM ON STRIKE! and 4 Myths About Boundaries newsletter, we saw how Christy put boundaries to the test with her two boys, complete with comic relief and real life, parental bravery. Christy also hit on 4 common myths about boundaries. Boundaries are not rules we place on others, nor are they controlling, punishing, or necessarily unforgiving. Boundaries protect the good, while keeping out the unacceptable. With that said, Christy has graciously allowed us to share the boundary agreement she and her husband, Dan, made in 2008.