Christy Kane

Coach Christy Kane Christy is a professional life coach, receiving her certification from Lifeforming Coaching in 2006 and accepted to the International Coach Federation in 2011. She has led support groups for wives of sex addicts in the Twin Cities area for several years. She is also co-author of the Healing Rain devotional with Marsha Means.

Christy has a passion for walking with women through the trials of dealing with a husband's sex addiction - a journey she has walked herself. Married for 20 years and the mother of two sons, Christy has experienced first hand the grace and healing God desires for each of us, and the hope there is in support and recovery.

Christy first learned about her husband's use of pornography just before their marriage, but she naively believed the problem would go away once they were married. It wasn't long before she realized that it was not that simple, and the struggle continued, bringing them to the brink of divorce six years later. At that point, she gave her husband an ultimatum - get help or leave. He chose to get help, and joined a weekly men's support group right away, and moved into a Christian-based 12-Step group later on. Though she felt relieved that he got help, the first few months were especially difficult because she couldn't find help for herself. Her isolation, shame and deep pain continued. Finally, a women's support group became available, which began Christy's slow climb back to sanity.

To be able to share her feelings with others who knew and understood provided the first step in her healing process. Twelve weeks later when the group ended, many of the women, including Christy, were not ready to be back on their own. They continued meeting together to gain strength, hope and support from each other. During this time she felt called to become a facilitator for the group. It was vital to her, however, that the format of the group change from a 12-week, talk-only group offered just once each year to a year-round, open group with materials specifically geared toward moving women out of their pain and on to healing and growth.

Christy met Marsha in 2001 when her church sent her to a training conference in Seattle. Christy brought back Marsha Means' workbook, A Partner's Healing Journey (Now Journey to Healing and Joy), to assist with the goal of helping women move forward. After finishing the workbook, however, she was faced once again with not having material to continue the progress they all were making. So she began to write what is now becoming "Healing Rain." She never dreamed that the material would be seen by women outside of her group, but when Marsha asked to see it, it began to develop into a devotional resource that is available month-by-month via download from this site as it continues to develop.

Christy is grateful for the healing she has found for herself, her husband, and her marriage. Now ten years sober, her husband is doing very well in his recovery, and with help from his strong recovery plan, and their healthy boundaries and care of their marriage, they are thriving as a couple. 

In addition to successfully leading several groups, Christy became a certified life coach in 2006, which has enabled her to further her passion to ensure that no woman has to walk this journey alone. She is also currently pursuing her degrees in psychology, with the goal of becoming a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and trauma specialist  working with couples and women. Christy lives in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota with her husband and two sons. In addition to facilitating, writing and caring for her family, she is an accomplished singer and actor.

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